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Eight top reasons couples get divorced

Many marriages end in divorce today. The top reasons range from infidelity to spousal abuse and more.

It’s been said for a long time that half of all marriages in the United States end in divorce. Whether this is true or not, the fact remains that many people in Texas and elsewhere will experience the stress and heartbreak of a marriage ending at least once in their lives. It may be interesting to note the different reasons that commonly result in divorce. According to MSN, the following points are the top eight reasons for couples today to end a marriage.

Not being committed

Couples who are not committed to each other’s desires, needs and wellbeing may find their marriage heading for divorce. It may be easy to get married without realizing the lifelong commitment that a happy marriage requires.

Arguing too much

It comes as no surprise that arguments end a great deal of marriages. Marital fighting can involve a range of topics, from how to raise the children to religious differences to money. In fact, states the Huffington Post, frequent arguments about money may be a predictor for the end of a marriage early on. Financial problems are common today, and they can be a great source of tension for married couples, especially if each spouse has a different opinion on how to manage money.


Infidelity is another top cause of divorce. In a survey involving divorced couples, 55 percent said that cheating resulted in the end of the marriage.

Getting married at a young age

About half of all teen marriages end within 15 years of getting married. The rate drops to 35 percent for those who get married in their mid-20s.

Having unrealistic expectations

One or both spouses may expect too much of the other or expect the marriage to be perfect without any complications. If spouses aren’t flexible and able to work with the complications that come up, the marriage will likely fail.

Feeling unequal to the other spouse

Opposites often attract, but inequality can eventually repel. If one spouse does not feel as if he or she measures up to the other, conflict can result.

Not being prepared

Many couples enter married life with a rosy outlook of happily-ever-after without realizing the amount of work that goes into a marriage. Being unprepared for life’s eventual setbacks and challenges may cause a marriage to die.

Spousal abuse

Domestic violence and emotional abuse are prevalent across the country. Unfortunately, abuse is another top reason for marriages ending.

The high prevalence of divorce means that it doesn’t have to be the end of the world, although it is painful. An experienced Texas family law attorney may help this process go by more smoothly.

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