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Houston Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer

How Can I Make Sure I Can See My Grandchild?

Texas Family Law Lawyers Advising Grandparents About Their Rights

A grandparent’s rights to child visitation are not defined under Texas law. This means that a grandparent has no legal standing to sue for visitation under a claim that he or she has a legal right to spend time with a grandchild.

Under certain circumstances, it is possible to ask a judge to grant you visitation rights. If a judge enters a visitation order detailing a grandparent’s rights and obligations, that order has the full force of law.

The legal difficulties in establishing a grandparent’s rights to visitation make it imperative to contact an experienced lawyer who understands the legal process and who can present a compelling argument as to why you should be allowed formal visitation rights with your grandchild.

The best way to ensure that you enjoy frequent visitation with your grandchild is to do whatever is legally possible to protect the custody and visitation rights of the parent of your grandchild — your son or daughter. The experienced Houston grandparents’ rights lawyers can help.

Granting Visitation Rights to a Grandfather or Grandmother

A judge’s primary focus in almost every child custody case is to do what is in the best interests of the child. Assuming that your son or daughter’s parental rights have not been terminated or your grandchild has not been adopted, you may have a case for asking a judge to grant you grandparents’ rights to visitation.

By their very nature, these cases most often arise in dysfunctional family situations. It can take a skilled and experienced lawyer to unravel all the competing interests and to address a grandparent’s rights in terms of what is best for the child’s wellbeing.

It is important to discuss the specifics of your situation with an accomplished lawyer. During your first consultation with us, we can explain how Texas law affects grandparents’ rights and outline your options for seeking formal visitation with your grandchild. Contact us today for answers.

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