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Houston Family Litigation Lawyer

Houston Divorce Litigation

In family law matters, going to trial is the last resort for individuals who are unable to resolve their differences through mediation, collaboration or direct settlement. Our lawyers are seasoned trial lawyers with a combined experience in excess of 50 years trying complex jury and non-jury cases and are prepared to assist a client if this ultimate measure is required.

Many times, our Houston family litigation lawyers’ reputation in the court arena assists the other party and their lawyer in determining that settlement might be in their best interests, rather than go to court.

In Texas Family Law matters, a jury primarily decides only the following issues:

  1. Child custody;
  2. Whether property is community or separate; and,
  3. The value of property.

All other issues are decided by the Judge who has broad discretion in making determinations such as how the property is divided, whether child support should be awarded outside of the guidelines, whether times of possession of the children should be awarded outside of the guidelines, the rights and duties of parents, who pays what debts, whether geographic limitations on where the children live should be ordered and myriad other decisions involved in finalizing a family law, divorce or modification action.

While the general rule is that all parties in a family law dispute are usually better served by settlement, sometimes one of the parties makes such unreasonable demands that the only logical thing to do is to allow the Court to make the final decisions. If that situation arises, Lindamood & Robinson lawyers are prepared to present their clients case to the Courts in a professional, experienced manner.

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