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Houston Trust Fund Asset Lawyer

Protecting Trust Fund Assets in Divorce

If you are facing divorce, you want to make sure that your assets are protected, and that your lawyer is doing everything possible to seek a fair property settlement on your behalf. The Houston property settlement lawyers at Lindamood & Robinson, P.C., have decades of experience guiding clients through the process of negotiating fair and reasonable property settlements. If you own trust fund assets, we can explain how Texas property division laws apply, and give you an idea of how these assets will be divided in divorce.

To find out how Texas family law affects your rights and obligations in a property settlement, contact our Houston trust fund assets lawyers today.

Dividing trust fund assets in divorce

Texas community property laws apply to dividing trust fund assets in divorce. According to these laws, each spouse has equal interests in community property (assets that were acquired while the couple was married.) If the trust was established before the date of marriage, the trust fund assets may be considered separate property. However, the line between community and separate property often gets blurred, making the property division process more complex.

We will work to determine what type of property your trust fund assets are classified as, and proceed accordingly. Property division laws regarding the division of such assets are complex. It is important to work with a lawyer who thoroughly understands Texas property settlement laws, and how they apply in your case.

If you are expected to pay spousal support following divorce, the value of your trust fund assets will be considered when determining an amount.

Contact a Houston Trust Fund Lawyer Today

During an initial consultation, you can discuss your property division options with a Houston Trust Fund Assets Lawyer who has significant experience helping clients just like you obtain a fair and just property settlement. Contact us today or call 713-654-2112 to learn more.

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