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Houston Hidden Assets Lawyer

I Suspect My Spouse Has Hidden Assets. What Do I Do?

Solutions From Houston Divorce and Property Division Lawyers

Getting an accurate valuation of marital property and assets is essential to establishing a fair property settlement in divorce. In cases where our client believes that the other spouse has hidden assets in order to shortchange our client in the property division process, a thorough examination is in order.

The fact is that it is possible for one spouse to hide money from another so effectively that we will never be able to find it in the traditional way. Even with a creative approach, we may never be 100 percent certain that we have uncovered all hidden assets.

That is why hiring a Houston hidden assets lawyer with a systematic and rational approach to the property valuation process is so important. In all cases, whether or not there is a suspicion of hidden assets, we conduct a thorough investigation into tax returns, bank accounts and transaction records. Contact us today for a detailed discussion of what the next step should be.

Tools for Uncovering Hidden Assets: Forensic Accounting and Lifestyle Audits

In high-stakes Texas property division disputes involving complex marital estates, we bring in forensic accountants to conduct an in-depth lifestyle audit during the discovery period of the divorce proceedings.

A lifestyle audit helps us determine how much your spouse spends versus stated income. When there is a discrepancy, it may not be necessary to actually identify the location of the hidden assets, only to prove to the judge that these assets have not been disclosed.

Even if the assets have been spent when your spouse squandered hidden money, the amount of the marital estate you receive in the property settlement may be adjusted in your favor.

Money can be hidden. That is why we do not chase the money when we are attempting to identify hidden assets. We take the creative approach to following the paper trail with the help of proven forensic accounting techniques. Our goal is to ensure that, as much as possible, you receive your fair share in the divorce settlement.

Contact our Houston hidden assets lawyers today to discuss your case in a completely confidential initial consultation.

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