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Houston Split Custody Lawyer

Houston Split Custody and Parenting

Texas family laws do not favor one parent over the other in legal issues affecting children. It is the goal of the court that all child custody determinations are made while keeping the best interests of the child in mind. Occasionally, the courts will assign split custody. This refers to a situation in which parents with more than one child split up their children and spend time with them individually. Split custody is rare, and there is a presumption in Texas that parents should have joint custody.
If you are facing divorce and subsequent child custody proceedings, it is important to work with a lawyer you can trust. At Lindamood & Robinson, P.C., we provide straightforward answers to your questions about child custody and visitation. When you are armed with the facts, you will feel better about making decisions that could affect your life for years to come.

Child custody modifications

After time has passed and families have lived with the realities of their child custody arrangement, a modification may become necessary. Texas family courts recognize the need and importance of modifying child custody if the current arrangement no longer benefits the child involved. Lindamood & Robinson, P.C., can help you seek a modification that will make your child custody arrangement better suited for the life you live now.

Contact an Experienced Houston Split Custody Lawyer

For more information about split custody, joint custody, temporary custody, and sole custody, contact a Houston Split Custody & Parenting Lawyer from our firm by calling 713-654-2112.

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