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Galveston County Domestic Violence Lawyer

Defined as any act of physical harm or threat of harm by one family member against another, domestic violence can take a number of forms, but is never acceptable. If you or a loved one have been the victim of family violence and are seeking a divorce, the experienced and dedicated Galveston County domestic violence lawyers at Lindamood & Robinson, P.C. can help give you the legal advice and protection you deserve.

Domestic Violence

The Texas Family Code defines family members as:

  • Individuals who share a common ancestor;
  • Couples who are married to each other or who used to be married to each other;
  • Parents of a child;
  • Foster parents and foster children; and
  • Individuals related by blood or adoption.

Any act that is intended to result in any of the following is considered domestic violence if it is directed at a family or household member:

  • Physical harm;
  • Bodily injury;
  • Assault; or
  • Sexual assault.

According to Texas law, an offender does not actually need to complete the act to have committed domestic violence. Even a threat that reasonably places a family member in fear of imminent physical harm, bodily injury, assault, or sexual assault can constitute family violence in the eyes of the law. Household members, or those who reside together in the same dwelling, are also protected from the violence of other household members, even if they aren’t related by blood.

Any of the following abusive acts committed by a family member against a child of the same family can also support a charge of domestic violence, including:

  • Causing or threatening to cause physical injury that results in substantial harm to a child;
  • Committing or failing to make an effort to prevent sexual conduct that causes harm to a child’s emotional, mental, or physical welfare;
  • Taking or permitting the taking of inappropriate photographs or video of a child; and
  • Using or encouraging a child to use a controlled substance that causes injury.

Protective Orders

Any act of domestic violence can have devastating consequences for victims. One common way to prevent further acts of violence is to obtain a protective order issued by a court. Protective orders, also known as restraining orders, can be issued against both family members and household members. Even when two people no longer live together, courts can still issue protective orders to prevent future violent acts. This can be especially important for couples who are going through the process of divorce and who do not reside in the same home anymore, but must meet regularly for child custody or visitation purposes.

Once a restraining order has been issued, local law enforcement in the area will be notified. This means that if an offender violates the order, police officers, who can enforce the court’s order, can be notified immediately. Once law enforcement officers are notified of a violation, the abuser can be arrested and may even face felony charges.

False Allegations

Unfortunately, the stress of divorce proceedings can bring out the worst in people, leading some to falsely accuse a family member of committing domestic violence. False allegations of this nature are extremely serious and can cause long-lasting damage to the parent-child relationship.  At Lindamood & Robinson, P.C., we work hard to uncover the truth, clear your name, and prevent serious damage to your reputation and your relationship with your child.

Contact a Galveston County Domestic Violence & Protective Order Lawyer Today

Family violence can take a serious physical, emotional, and mental toll on victims and other family members. If you live in Galveston County and have been the victim of domestic violence, please contact the law firm of Lindamood & Robinson, P.C. and we will help you take the steps necessary to protect yourself and your family.

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