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Houston Custody Settlement Lawyer

At Lindamood & Robinson, our goal is to help our clients obtain resolutions in divorce and custody matters which provide them and their families with financial stability and security while minimizing unnecessary strife, stress, delay, and tension between the parties going forward. To that end, our Houston custody settlement lawyers work towards reaching settlements between divorcing spouses that serve our clients’ needs and interests and that avoid negative emotional and financial repercussions. Settlements are not possible in every case, but given the immense benefits they provide, we strive to help our clients reach favorable settlements whenever we can.

The Benefits of Settlement

In Texas, divorcing spouses are free to work together to reach settlements on all of the various issues that will be resolved during a divorce: division of assets and liabilities, custody and visitation rights, spousal support, child support, and any other relevant issues. If the spouses, along with their lawyers, cannot reach a settlement that is agreeable to both parties, then a trial will ensue and a state judge will make the determinations regarding those issues.

A brief list of some of the benefits of the parties working together to achieve a settlement include:

  • Avoid Having a Court Manage Your Life: In a settlement, you and your spouse will figure out an arrangement for your children and property (including real estate and business interests) that works for the both of you. If you go to trial, the judge will have to make these decisions and may make decisions that have negative consequences for your ownership of your home, your business, and your relationship with your children.
  • Divorce Trials Are Expensive: If you cannot reach a settlement, you will need to spend time in court in numerous hearings and a trial, during which the judge will need to hear the full arguments made by both sides regarding their positions. This can result in high legal fees and court fees on both sides, which are unnecessary if the parties can reach an agreement.
  • Divorce Trials Are Public: When you go to trial in a divorce, your court appearances and your court submissions (e.g. financial disclosures and arguments) become a matter of public record. By reaching a settlement, personal information and disputes can be kept out of the public eye.
  • Settlement Can Be Relatively Quick: By reaching a settlement with your spouse, you can avoid unnecessary hearings and a trial and move on with your life as quickly as possible.
  • Settlements Avoid Drama: While there may be negotiations and time spent resolving differences in a settlement, you can nevertheless avoid the head-to-head conflict that generally arises in a trial.

For further information on the potential benefits of reaching a settlement with regard to custody and property division matters, please see our resources on High Net Worth Divorce, Custody, Property, and Modification and Enforcement of Divorce Decrees.

When Is Settlement Possible?

Over 80% of Texas divorces are resolved through a settlement between the parties. Most spouses recognize the benefits of a settlement and are willing to work towards a positive resolution. We find that settlements are most likely where the parties:

  • Are willing to be open and honest about their assets
  • Want to avoid unnecessary tension and drama during and after the divorce
  • Avoid misconceptions about divorce by consulting with their lawyers on Texas divorce law
  • Are interested in resolving their divorce in a cost-efficient manner

Contact a Houston Family Law Settlement Lawyer

Contact Lindamood & Robinson, P.C. today for an appointment with our Houston Settlements Lawyers to discuss a potential settlement in your family law matter. At your initial office consultation, you will be informed of the Texas law as it applies to your matter, how long the process takes, the costs involved, and probable outcomes. With offices in Houston and Galveston County (by appointment only), we are proud to serve Galveston County, Harris County and surrounding communities.

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