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Galveston County Custody Settlement Lawyer

Although it is sometimes necessary, going to court to obtain a divorce is usually a last resort. Trials can be time-consuming, expensive, and stressful, so at Lindamood & Robinson, P.C. we focus on helping our clients resolve divorce and custody matters in such a way that contention, delay, and stress are minimized as much as possible. To that end, our Galveston County custody settlement lawyers make great efforts to reach settlements between divorcing spouses that give our clients financial security in a less stressful situation

Benefits of Settlement

Divorcing spouses always have the option of collaborating outside of court in an effort to reach settlements on the following issues:

  • Division of assets and liabilities;
  • Child custody and visitation rights; and
  • Spousal maintenance and child support.

It is only when the parties cannot reach a settlement that the case will go to trial where a judge will make decisions on all contested issues. Unfortunately, this gives the parties little control over the outcome of the case. Settlement negotiations, on the other hand, have a series of important benefits, including:

  • Avoiding the expense of trial: Divorce proceedings require numerous trial dates and hearings where both spouses and their lawyers must be present. This can result in high court and legal fees for both parties.
  • Avoiding publicity: Once a divorce case goes to trial, all court appearances and submissions become a matter of public record. When couples reach a settlement outside of court, personal information can be kept confidential.
  • Quicker resolutions: Settlements are usually concluded much more quickly than trials, which must operate according to the court’s availability. As a result, divorce proceedings can take months or even years to resolve.
  • Avoiding conflict: Court proceedings are adversarial in nature and can exacerbate an already emotional and stressful situation.
  • Retaining control over the outcome: In settlements, parents can come to a mutually agreed-upon arrangement that works for all parties and their children. By going to trial, couples leaves the majority of decisions regarding custody and property division in the hands of a judge.

When Settlement is Appropriate

As many as 80 percent of Texas divorces are resolved through settlement. We have found that issues are more likely to be resolved through settlement proceedings when both parties:

  • Are willing to fully disclose all assets and liabilities;
  • Have a desire to avoid unnecessary stress and tension during and after the divorce;
  • Want to save funds that would otherwise be spent on court and legal fees.

If you have questions about your own divorce, please contact Lindamood & Robinson, P.C. today. Our experienced settlement lawyers will be able to explain how the law applies to your case, while also giving you information on a variety of potential issues, including:

  • How long settlement proceedings typically last;
  • The costs involved; and
  • The probable outcome of your case.

Contact a Galveston County Divorce & Custody Settlement Lawyer Today

Most couples are eager to avoid the trauma and cost associated with going to trial. Our experienced settlement lawyers can help manage settlement proceedings so that your divorce is as painless and cost-efficient as possible. If you live in Galveston County and have questions or concerns about the settlement process, please contact the law firm of Lindamood & Robinson, P.C. by calling 713-654-2112 and a member of our dedicated legal team will help you schedule a consultation.

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