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Houston Family Mediation Lawyer

Houston Family & Divorce Mediation

Mediation is a process that allows the parties to control the settlement of their divorce case and resolve all issues as to property and children.

After each party and their lawyers have identified all property and children issues and have determined all facts required to intelligently resolve the contested issues, they attend mediation.

At mediation, the parties and lawyers appear at a Mediators office. The Mediator is generally agreed to by the parties, with the advice of their lawyers. If, for some reason, the parties and their lawyers cannot agree on a Mediator, the Court will appoint one.

The Mediator in a Family Law case is doubly-trained, and are active practicing Family Law Lawyers who are also trained in Mediation. The Houston family mediation lawyers at Lindamood & Robinson always fit these categories and have also each successfully mediated in excess of 250 family law cases.

At mediation you and your lawyer are in one room and your spouse and their lawyer are in another room, in comfortable surroundings in the Mediators office. The Mediator goes through several rounds (that is, time with your room and time with your spouses room). During these sessions, the Mediator determines what issues separate the parties and what can be done to find a middle ground to resolve these disputes.

Under the Rules of Mediation, everything that is said or considered during mediation is confidential. No one can discuss at Court what went on at mediation, what the offers were, what the demands were or any other details of the mediation. The Mediator cannot even tell your spouse and your spouses lawyer what is said in your room without your express permission. These rules allow a flow discussion of settlement offers and responses.

In the unlikely event the case does not settle at Mediation, then the parties resort to the Courts to make the ultimate decisions. In some cases, some issues are resolved at Mediation and then the parties request the Court to decide the remaining matters. Lindamood & Robinson’s track record enjoys a 90+% settlement rate at Mediation.

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