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Galveston County Child Custody & Support Modification Lawyer

Whether due to financial difficulties, a recent move, a child’s preference, or a health crisis, sometimes a custody arrangement that was previously appropriate no longer makes sense. Fortunately, child custody, child support, and visitation agreements are not set in stone. The primary concern of all Texas family court judges is to establish a fair arrangement that is in the best interests of each child. So when one party’s financial situation changes or relocation becomes necessary, courts may be willing to modify a custody agreement, child support order, or official visitation schedule.

Although modifying a court order is possible, courts must be convinced that one of the party’s circumstances have changed enough to justify altering the custody arrangement. Establishing this can be difficult, so if you are interested in modifying an existing agreement, please contact an experienced Galveston County child custody & support modification lawyer at Lindamood & Robinson, P.C. and we will help explain your legal options.

How to Modify a Custody, Support, or Visitation Order

All requests for modification of existing custody agreements must be filed in the same court where the last order regarding the custody arrangement was entered. Either party can petition the court for modification as long as they can provide compelling evidence in support of their argument that changed circumstances have made the previous order unfair. There are a variety of situations which might qualify as a change in circumstances significant enough to support the modification of a custody arrangement. However, some of the most common petitions for modification include an argument that:

  • The non-custodial parent has access to more funds than he or she did at the time the custody agreement was initially ordered;
  • The custodial parent relocated out of the state without providing the other party with notice, thus placing an undue burden on the non-custodial parent seeking visitation;
  • The visitation schedule has become unworkable for one or both parties;
  • The non-custodial parent lost his or her job, had a medical emergency, or otherwise experienced a significant financial loss or a change in employment;
  • The child, who is over the age of 12 years old, wishes to live with a particular parent and is willing to file an affidavit explaining the decision; and
  • The child experienced a serious medical emergency, which placed an unfair financial burden on the custodial parent.

Contact an Experienced Galveston County Child Custody & Support Modification Lawyer Today

At Lindamood & Robinson, P.C., our lawyers are dedicated to providing our clients with sound advice and rational legal options. If you are a Galveston County resident and believe that your current custody order has become unfair or unduly burdensome, please contact our office by calling 713-654-2112 or filling out one of standard contact forms by providing your name, phone number, and email address. A member of our dedicated legal team will then contact you by email or telephone to schedule an in-person consultation with one of our experienced custody and support modification lawyers.

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