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Houston Domestic Violence Lawyer

You can stop domestic violence, spousal battery and child abuse. Contact our offices immediately for help.

Houston Family Violence Lawyers: Protective Orders

Family violence (also known as domestic violence) is an act or threat by one member of a family or a household against another. The act or threat must be intended to cause physical harm or bodily injury or the reasonable fear thereof.

Family violence may include assault, sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, child abuse, spousal abuse or any form of serious physical, sexual, emotional, mental or financial abuse.

If you are dealing with family violence in your divorce, we can help. Contact a respected Houston domestic violence lawyers at Lindamood & Robinson to get the legal advice and protection you need.

A protective order can be an effective tool to combat family violence.

A protective order (sometimes referred to as a restraining order) is a court order issued to protect victims of family violence. Adults can file for themselves or any other member of the household. If it is a child who needs protection, any adult can file for the child.

Protective orders can be issued against family members (those related by blood or marriage or who share a child) as well as against unrelated people living in the same household.

Even if two people are no longer living together in the same household, a protective order can still be issued to stop family or domestic violence. This is especially useful in preventing frightening confrontations at child exchange.

If you were abused or a family member was the victim of domestic violence, contact us immediately to discuss taking the first step toward obtaining your legal protection.

How does a protective order work?

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the police (if you live in a city) or county constable and sheriff (if you live in a rural area) are notified when a protective order has been issued.

If your abuser violates the protective order in any way you can call the appropriate law enforcement agency, which will enforce the court’s order.

There should be an immediate response that can result in your abuser being arrested and found in contempt of court. A second violation can result in more serious felony criminal charges.

What about false allegations of family violence in a divorce?

At Lindamood & Robinson, we firmly believe that falsely accusing a spouse of family violence is itself a terrible form of abuse. It is abusive to the accused, to the system, to those who truly need protection and to any children involved. False allegations and other forms of threats and character assassination have been known to cause parental alienation syndrome (PAS) in children who are caught in the middle of an ugly divorce.

If you were the victim of false allegations of family violence, or worse, child abuse or child sexual abuse, a Houston Family Violence & Protective Orders Lawyer at Lindamood & Robinson is here to listen. We will fight to clear your good name and help you heal your relationship with your child or children. Contact us now. The initial consultation is completely confidential.

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