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Understanding the Process of Filing for Divorce in Texas

By Conner & Lindamood, P.C. |

Deciding to get divorced is a major life decision with repercussions for both you and your family. The prospect of starting over may seem daunting and downright overwhelming when you start to contemplate the actual divorce process (e.g., filing paperwork with the court, dividing property, going before a judge, etc.). This is perfectly understandable…. Read More »


Four Tips to Prevent a Contentious Divorce

By Conner & Lindamood, P.C. |

Getting divorced is a major, life-changing decision. There are plenty of reasons to be anxious and stressed out over the situation such as finding a new place to live, figuring out how you are going to support yourself going forward, worrying about the effects of the divorce on your children, etc. You and your… Read More »


Common Law Divorce and How It Affects Child Custody

By Conner & Lindamood, P.C. |

In Texas, you do not need a marriage ceremony or engagement rings to get married. There is something called a “common law marriage” where a couple is recognized as married without a marriage license or ceremony. A common law marriage carries the exact same legal effect as a traditional marriage with a ceremony.  Requirements… Read More »


Getting Divorced and Having a Special Needs Child

By Conner & Lindamood, P.C. |

According to a recent U.S. Census study, 54.4 million Americans (which equates to about one in five U.S. residents) have a disability. The number of children and youth between the ages of 3 and 21 receiving special education services was 6.6 million, according to Among children and youth that received special education services,… Read More »


Three Common Questions About Divorce Answered

By Conner & Lindamood, P.C. |

Divorce is a major life decision that can have repercussions for you and your family. A divorce may mean a wholesale change in your lifestyle and a disruption of your projected life goals. You probably have numerous questions about the divorce process and what may be required of you to get the divorce finalized…. Read More »


Impact of Divorce on Your Timeshare

By Conner & Lindamood, P.C. |

Nearly ten million households hold an ownership stake in a timeshare, according to Consumer Reports. In 2014, there were nearly $8 billion worth of timeshare properties purchased in the United States. Considering the popularity of timeshares, a common issue that arises during a divorce proceeding is how exactly a timeshare would be divided between… Read More »


Understanding the Rights of Grandparents to Seek Custody of a Child

By Conner & Lindamood, P.C. |

Approximately 2.7 million grandparents are currently raising grandchildren and that number is expected to go up, according to PBS. The number of grandparents raising their grandchildren increased seven percent since 2009. Some experts studying this issue anticipate the numbers to spike given the opiate epidemic that is ravaging many communities across the country. For… Read More »


Divorce and Annulment – Understanding the Difference

By Conner & Lindamood, P.C. |

The popular 90s sitcom “Friends” featured an episode where Ross and Rachel were trying to figure out how to end their alcohol-fueled marriage in Las Vegas. Ross brings up the option of annulment and describes it as a way to “make the marriage disappear as if it didn’t happen.” They later learn that it’s… Read More »


How Divorce Affects Retirement and Investment Accounts

By Conner & Lindamood, P.C. |

When you get divorced, it important to understand that Texas is a community property state. Community property is a legal term that basically means a court will consider all property acquired during the course of your marriage as community property. That means your spouse will likely be entitled to a portion of your assets,… Read More »


Mediating Your Divorce Case – Important Info You Need to Know

By Conner & Lindamood, P.C. |

When you file for divorce, an option to amicably resolve any disputes and reach a resolution is mediation. This is a process where an unbiased third party (i.e. the mediator) assists you, your spouse, and designated counsel in reaching an agreement about your finances, your children, your home, and other assets and liabilities. Here… Read More »

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