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Uncovering Hidden Assets in Texas Divorce Cases

By Conner & Lindamood, P.C. |

An accurate valuation of marital property (both assets and liabilities) is critical to ensure an equitable property settlement is reached in your divorce. Unfortunately, it is quite common to discover that a spouse has attempted to hide assets to shortchange you in the property division process.  Why People Try to Hide Assets A common… Read More »


Married in Another Country Does Not Negate Texas Community Property Presumption

By Conner & Lindamood, P.C. |

If you and your spouse were married in a different country and you were expecting that country’s laws to supersede Texas law, do not get your hopes up. Under Texas law, all property possessed by either spouse at the time of divorce is presumed to be “community property” (i.e. divided equitably). In 2015, a… Read More »


Little Known Rules and Guidelines of Texas Divorce Law

By Conner & Lindamood, P.C. |

Some people mistakenly believe that filing for divorce is simple. In reality, divorce law in Texas is quite complex with an array of rules and regulations that must be adhered to in order to obtain a legal divorce. For example, to be able to file for divorce in Texas, either you or your spouse… Read More »


Five Tips Before Filing for Divorce

By Conner & Lindamood, P.C. |

Getting divorced is a major, life-altering decision. You should have as much relevant information as possible to assess the impact of this decision and determine whether you want to proceed. Below are five tips you need to know before you decide to file for divorce.  Speak to an Experienced Divorce Attorney Filing for divorce… Read More »


Truancy Laws In Texas Tighten

By Conner & Lindamood, P.C. |

For decades, when a child had a number of unexplained or unaccounted for absences in school, they could be charged with truancy and ultimately could be sentenced to prison time. Truancy in Texas has recently received federal attention when a federal investigation began into Dallas schools after a number of truancy decisions resulted in… Read More »


Life Insurance Policies & Divorce

By Conner & Lindamood, P.C. |

Life insurance policies are a type of insurance policy that ensures upon your death, a specific amount of money will be paid to your loved ones. In exchange for this insurance policy, you make premium payments in order to keep the policy relevant. You can specify any number of people and values vary greatly,… Read More »


Asset Division and Protection in Trust

By Conner & Lindamood, P.C. |

When divorce proceedings begin, each couple must evaluate what assets and property are includable to be divided, as well as whether it is considered community property or separate property. In a separate post, we explained the differences between separate and community property based on state law. Since Texas is a community property state, the… Read More »


Community Property Laws

By Conner & Lindamood, P.C. |

Property that is acquired during marriage is either considered marital property or community property, depending on the state in which you reside. Currently, there are nine states that enforce community property regulations: Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin. The remaining 41 other states classify property acquired during a marriage… Read More »


Protective Orders

By Conner & Lindamood, P.C. |

Protective orders provide legal help for individuals in Texas who are being abused by a spouse or significant other. If you are facing abuse, it is important that you understand the specifics of each type of order; furthermore, make sure to reach out to an attorney immediately for assistance with your case. Temporary Ex… Read More »


Divorce v. Legal Separation

By Conner & Lindamood, P.C. |

The first step in order to obtain a divorce decree in many states is to legally separate. Some states require a mandatory period of separation, ranging from three months to three years, while other states do not require that the spouses separate at all prior to getting a legal divorce. Many couples find separation… Read More »

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