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Houston Asset Protection Lawyer

Houston Lawyers Preserving Separate Property

Many of our clients who are facing a divorce are afraid that they might lose everything or at least a large share of their hard-earned assets. For most clients, asset protection in divorce is one of the highest priorities.

Fortunately, Texas law is very specific as to what is and what is not subject to the division of marital assets during property settlement. An effective asset protection strategy is based on a clear assessment of which assets are community property and which are separate property.

At Lindamood & Robinson, our lawyers’ decades of experience and thorough understanding of the property valuation process provide our clients with the legal asset protection they need and deserve. Please contact our offices today to discuss your specific concerns in a completely confidential consultation with a Houston asset protection lawyer.

Asset Protection in Texas Divorce and Property Division Cases

In general, assets one spouse acquired before the marriage (real estate, business interests, an inheritance, etc.) and assets acquired by gift or inheritance after the marriage are considered to be separate property and therefore not subject to division in a divorce. These assets are protected by law.

As a practical concern, it may be important to take certain steps to ensure that separate assets do not become commingled with marital assets, thus confusing the process and making asset protection more difficult. Your lawyer at Lindamood & Robinson can advise you about appropriate actions to take if this is a concern.

Many assets in complex marital estates are a combination of separate and community property. One of the strengths of our firm is our ability to conduct an efficient and accurate valuation of the marital estate (family home, investments, joint business interests, etc.) and to quickly assess whether or not it is likely to be subject to division, as well as to what degree.

Quick action is especially important when protecting your interests in assets such as investment and retirement accounts, trust funds, and other assets.

Contact Houston Asset Protection Lawyers

To learn more about Texas divorce and property division law and how it applies to protecting your assets, please contact our Houston Asset Protection Lawyers today to schedule an appointment. Call 713-489-2551.

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