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Preparing to Meet with a Family Law Lawyer

You should expect to receive a good understanding of your Family Law Matter during your first interview. This will include a basic understanding of the legal principles, the time involved, the cost involved, and the range of possible outcomes.

Although you will not be required to provide all of your financial details and complete history of your marital relationship, you should be prepared to discuss the following in your initial interview so that your attorney can provide the most accurate advice possible.

Information that you may want to be prepared to provide to the lawyer:

  • A summary of the assets owned by you and your spouse.
  • Property addresses and how title is held if you know.
  • Rough estimates of the value of the assets.
  • Estimates of the amounts owed on properties and the amount of unsecured debts.
  • Sources of income and business interests.
  • A brief outline or history of the important events in your relationship.
  • Any written agreements between you and yours spouse including pre-marital agreements, post-marital agreements, and estate plans.
  • What you believe would be in the children’s best interest in terms of a custody arrangement and why.
  • Your estimates of your projected monthly budget for your living
  • expenses based on you being separated from your spouse.
  • Whether there has been any physical abuse or domestic violence in your relationship.
  • Which assets in the marital relationship that you feel are important for you to retain.
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