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Child Protective Services In Texas


A Texas judge recently penalized Child Protective Services and ordered the agency to both pay $27,500 in lawyer’s fees and read the United States Constitution and Bill of Right located in the Texas Constitution. The basis for this sentence was that the court found Child Protective Services had previously misled the court in 2014 and made an ungrounded decision. The court also found that Child Protective Services had argued for the removal of a child from the child’s family room on the basis of incorrect assumptions. When individuals face issues involving Child Protective Services, clients frequently turn to the experience of a seasoned family law lawyer. There is some reason to believe that the state of Texas is currently in the process of reforming Child Protective Services, but until such a revision occurs it is a wise idea for all parents to understand some basic information about how Child Protective Services works in the state of Texas.

The Role Of Child Protective Services In Texas

In the state of Texas, Child Protective Services is responsible for investigating and responding to cases concerning reports of child abuse and neglect. When legitimate cases of child abuse and neglect are determined to have occurred, Child Protective Services can place children in foster care or adoptive homes in addition to offering a range of other protective services.

Texas Law Relevant To Child Protective Services

In the state of Texas, the law requires that anyone who believes that a child has been abused or neglected must report the matter to Child Protective Services.

Child Protective Services has a usual investigation process. First, Child Protective Services tends to interview the child in question at any reasonable time and location. After this interview, Child Protective Services makes efforts to notify the child’s parents about the event to determine whether there was any justification for such an incident.

Parents of a child might have a difficult time dealing with Child Protective Services. Often, Child Protective Services focuses on one of the child’s parents as the cause of abuse or neglect. Based upon the various facts and elements of a case, individuals often rely upon a skilled family law lawyer to make a determination of how to best interact with Child Protective Services.

Family law lawyers can also prove essential in situations where extended family members of a child would like to be considered as potential placement options for a child.

At the conclusion of this process, Child Protective Services frequently makes the decision as to whether a child should be removed from a home. Only when a child is believed to be in a situation including or abuse or neglect will a decision to relocate a child be made.

How An Experienced Houston Family Law Lawyer Can Help

Because Child Protective Services is an organized government entity, when cases arise concerning Child Protective Services it is a wise idea for individuals to turn to the talent of an experienced Houston family law lawyer like the legal counsel at Lindamood & Robinson, P.C. in Houston. A skilled and competent family law lawyer can help craft strong legal defenses in response to any claims made by Child Protective Services.



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