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Essential Steps To Take Before Filing For Divorce

Divorce is difficult in several ways. Many individuals say that the divorce is one of the most difficult processes they have ever faced. When it is time to initiate a divorce, many people have a difficult time ensuring that all proper steps are made before filing for divorce. It is likely that if someone took some basic steps before filing divorce, they would feel more empowered during the divorce process. This article will list some essential steps that should be taken before filing for divorce.

  • Surround Yourself With An Emotionally Supportive Team. Divorce can be emotionally chaotic for individuals and involved families. One of the best ways to deal with the deluge of emotions is to surround oneself with others who can assist during this difficult time by providing emotional support. If resources permit, it often proves a good idea for those going through a divorce to seek the counsel of a mental health professional even if only temporarily. Being emotionally secure helps people think through the various obstacles that arise during a divorce.
  • Prepare Finances For A Divorce. In the same way that someone prepares for another unexpected disaster like job loss, individuals who are considering initiating a divorce should make sure that funds are set aside to pay for living expenses. They should also make sure to perform any necessary sales of property because courts of law in Texas often issue orders after a divorce is initiated that prevent either spouse from exchanging marital property. While separating spouses are not permitted to empty bank accounts prior to initiating a divorce, parties should complete any necessary sales of property prior to filing for divorce. While preparing finances, those going through divorce should also make sure to gather financial document including account records, property notes, mortgage paperwork, and any other documentation concerning finances.
  • Avoid Social Media. Social media can have devastating consequences during a divorce. Not only should individuals avoid posting anything revealing or compromising on social media, they should avoid discussing the divorce at all through social media because this type of evidence can end up having negative consequences.
  • Determine Your Exact Goals For Custody. With few extraordinary exceptions, former spouses frequently end up sharing custody between children. Knowing that shared custody is likely to be granted, it is good for spouses to establish a custody schedule based around their free time.

Those considering divorce should also obtain the counsel of seasoned and experienced divorce counsel. It is important to find a lawyer that fits your personal style and understands litigation goals. Consult with a Houston lawyer at Lindamood & Robinson, P.C. who can further help prepare you for the emotional and financial ramifications of divorce.


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