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Establishing paternity in Texas is important for both parents

Imagine that you are a man living here in Houston who has just received a letter stating that you are the father of a child born to a woman you know. You acknowledge that you slept together but it’s impossible to say whether you’re the father or not. Would you do what some might consider the honorable thing to do and step in as the child’s father or would you let DNA testing establish paternity first?

As you can imagine, a scenario like this is all too common across the nation, even here in Texas. But just because it’s common, doesn’t make it any less complex or stressful for the parties involved. From custody and visitation rights to receiving assistance from the state, there is a lot riding on establishing accurate paternity and a lot at stake if mistakes are made.

Few people would want to be denied access to their children. Even more still are opposed to being forced to pay support for a child that isn’t theirs. The courts agree, which is why we have laws in place to establish paternity and therefore a legal link between the child and his or her parents.

Whether it’s a woman claiming a man is the father of her child, or man claiming that a married woman’s child is really his, few paternity cases are the same, which is why it takes the experience of a skilled lawyer to help families apply the law to their specific case.

Don’t trust your own interpretation of the law because you might not have the legal background necessary to decipher it correctly. Leaving it to a practiced lawyer is a good idea, especially if you want the outcome to be the right one.

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