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Four Tips to Prevent a Contentious Divorce


Getting divorced is a major, life-changing decision. There are plenty of reasons to be anxious and stressed out over the situation such as finding a new place to live, figuring out how you are going to support yourself going forward, worrying about the effects of the divorce on your children, etc. You and your spouse should not make it worse by creating a toxic, contentious environment. Below are four important tips to ensure your divorce is obtained in a productive, respectful manner. 

Tip No. 1 – You Catch More Flies with Honey than Vinegar.

If you go into divorce settlement discussions with a hardline stance issuing ultimatums and threats, then the process is doomed to fail. If, on the other hand, you create a respectful channel of communication, the more likely you are to achieve an amicable resolution so you can move forward in your life. Remember, a divorce is not about getting even with your spouse. It is about reaching finality in your marriage so you can chart a new path forward. 

Tip No. 2 – Leave the Kids Out of It.

Do not use your children as a conduit to communicate with your spouse or use the kids as pawns during the settlement negotiation process. When this happens, it is a sure-fire way to create a hostile, bitter environment that is not conducive to reaching an amicable settlement agreement. If a settlement cannot be reached, then your case will need to go to trial meaning more time and resources are spent on reaching a resolution. Leaving your children out of it is important, not just to avoid a contentious divorce but to ensure your relationship with your children is not irreparably harmed. Keeping your children’s best interests as a top priority is essential since courts use the “best of the interests of the child” standard when assessing custody and related issues. 

Tip No. 3 – Do Not Use Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Other Social Media to Try Your Case in the Court of Public Opinion.

Posting negative comments and personal details about your spouse on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is never a good idea. Attempting to defame your spouse, especially in a public setting where your friends and family members can see, is only going to make the situation worse (for both you and your spouse). The best strategy is to stay off of social media, or at the very least, do not mention or discuss your divorce on these platforms. 

Tip No. 4 – Remember that Settlement Negotiations Involve Compromise.

When your Houston divorce lawyer is trying to settle your case, you need to have a resolution-reacher mindset. Only making settlement offers that your spouse would never consider is only going to force the process to drag on thereby requiring you to spend more time and money on the divorce. A good strategy is to take a step back and ask yourself, “If I was in my spouse’s position, what would I want after the divorce is finalized?” If you can view your divorce from both sides, it increases the chances of achieving an amicable resolution. 

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