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Hiring A Private Investigator In A Texas Divorce

In an increasing number of divorces, private investigators are playing a significant role. While these investigators were once used to establish the grounds for a divorce, private investigators now prove particularly helpful in issues concerning child support and asset determinations.

Roles Of A Private Investigator

Private investigators use a variety of methods to obtain evidence, including background checks, financial asset checks, interviews, and surveillance. There are several situations in which private investigators in the state of Texas most often tend to provide help. These events include:

  • Child Custody. Private investigators can prove helpful in proving that child abuse, neglect, parental addiction, the presence of illegal activities like drug or alcohol use, or inappropriate behavior occurred.
  • Private investigators are often used to demonstrate that a former spouse is cohabiting, which can result in the termination of alimony payments. Surveillance is one of the largest components performed by a private investigator in these cases.
  • Support And Asset Division. Sometimes a spouse who is anticipating separation will begin to hide marital assets in a way to protect wealth from property division during a divorce. A private investigator can prove helpful in investigating whether an individual has used hidden assets. Information of this type of activity can often prove helpful in negotiating an agreeable settlement with a former spouse.

Advice On Selecting A Private Investigator

Legal counsel will be able to inform a client as to whether a private investigator is necessary and can refer an investigator to a client. There are several certifications that should be held by a private investigator. Texas law makes it illegal for a private investigator to examine computer data to learn about the actions of a third person illegal. Costs should always be a concern when selecting the services of a private investigator. Clients should use a written contract to determine the amount of service that a private investigator will provide. Individuals should also make sure that the private investigator in question will adhere to written laws regarding searches and surveillance of others.

Private investigators who do not work within the bounds of the law can create substantial problems and there is the possibility that any evidence obtained from these investigators might not be capable of being used in a court of law. Individuals can also face substantial expenses as a result of hiring an investigator and often find that the presence of a private investigator increases the tension involved in the divorce process.

The Assistance Of An Experienced Family Law Lawyer

Ultimately, each individual must make the personal decision of whether or not to retain the services of a private investigator. Investigators should be emotionally prepared for any information that might be discovered by such a search. Before deciding whether to hire a private investigator, individuals should consult with a knowledgeable lawyer at Lindamood & Robinson, P.C. in Houston to ensure that if a private investigator is hired, the investigator obtains evidence in a lawful way.

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