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How to Avoid Having Politics Ruin Your Marriage

Election season is approaching. As the presidential election grows nearer, listening to this advice has become more important than ever. It would be foolish to think that even married couples agree on every issue regarding politics. To prevent any major arguments that lead to divorce this election season, it is recommended that couples utilize the following steps:

  • Bond Over Common Interests. Spouses who disagree on candidate selections but nevertheless agree on certain candidate choices may wish to highlight these shared interests. Volunteering for a charity or nonprofit that supports a cause that both spouses support may be an excellent solution in resolving any tension or differences that might be brought on by individuals running for political office.
  • Don’t Make It Personal. In the heat of political discussion, it might tempting to use name calling or other type of personal attacks between spouses. While tempting, these personals insults do not address the matter at hand and serve only to cause friction with the other spouse. This type of language is likely to create marital discord that extends far past the day of election.
  • Establish Ground Rules. Many couples get into fights because the couples fail to properly establish how matters will be treated in the marriage. Many couples utilize a variety of methods to minimize the potential arguments that result from political discussion by using a mandatory cool down period, limiting the extent that the couple will talk about the issue, or agreeing to never discuss the matter at certain moments like right before bedtime or over dinner.
  • Find a Safer Venue. There are many ways to express and discuss your personal beliefs in a less frictional environment. One of these methods may include choosing to debate matters online among similar minded individuals.
  • Never Use Joint Accounts for Political Contributions. Contributing to political funds is a noble goal. Parties, however, should not use joint funds to contribute to political parties. Instead, make sure that your bank account is the lone account contributing to political fund.
  • Put Your Partner Before Your Political View. Arguing over political views can create bigger rifts than most subjects. Spouses may not agree with every single element of their spouse’s political view. But respecting that a spouse has the ability to view things as they wish and vote for whom they please will help keep couples together.

It not unheard of for couples to separate over political differences. If you are in a marriage that becomes strained due to political differences, do not hesitate to contact a skilled Houston lawyer at Lindamood & Robinson, P.C. for help as a divorce commences.

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