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How to Create a Time-Sharing Schedule in a Parenting Plan in Texas


When parents of young kids divorce or separate in Texas, they will generally need to create a parenting plan. As part of a parenting plan, you should develop a comprehensive time-sharing schedule. A child time-sharing schedule is a plan that outlines how divorced or separated parents will divide care and custody of their child—including specific times the child will spend with each parent. In this article, our Houston parenting plan lawyer highlights four tips for creating a child time-sharing schedule in Texas.

Tip #1: Build the Basic Structure First (Weekdays, Weekends) 

A proper child time-sharing schedule needs a sturdy foundation. Creating a time-sharing schedule in a parenting plan begins with establishing a basic structure that addresses weekdays and weekends. The framework should consider both parents’ work schedules, the child’s school or daycare commitments, and any extracurricular activities. The two most common approaches:

  1. Designate weekdays for one parent and weekends for the other; or
  2. Allow the parents to alternate weeks.

To be clear, parents have a wide range of possibilities available. You and your co-parent can work out any type of schedule that works best for your specific situation.

 Tip #2: Do Not Forget About Holidays and Vacations 

Holidays and vacations are special times that require careful consideration in your parenting plan. Texas parents often rotate holidays annually to ensure both parents have the opportunity to create lasting memories with their child. Beyond that, vacations require advanced planning, with both parents communicating their plans as early as possible to limit the risk of conflicts.

 Tip #3: Put an Emphasis on the Details

 The small details matter. It is crucial to an effective parenting plan schedule, including not just where the child will be on specific days, but also pickup and drop-off times, locations, and who is responsible for transportation. Clarity is the small details can make a big difference.

Tip #4: Create a Process for Dealing With Unexpected Issues 

Life is unpredictable. Illness, work emergencies, or other unexpected issues can disrupt even the most well-planned schedules. Your parenting plan should include a process for communicating these changes, along with a method for making temporary adjustments.

 Tip #5: Remember that the Best Interests of Child Always Take the Priority in Texas

 In Texas, as in all states, the child’s best interests are the paramount consideration in any parenting plan (Texas Family Code § 153.002). With this in mind, divorced or separated parents in Houston should be aware that decisions around time-sharing schedules should be made with the child’s physical, emotional, and educational needs at the forefront.

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