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I am in the Middle of a Divorce in Houston—Can I Change My Attorney?


If you are preparing to end a marriage, you are far from alone. The Texas Department of State Health Services estimates that nearly 70,000 couples get divorced in Texas each year. Although divorce is common, it is not easy. The right lawyer can make a big difference. What happens if you have the wrong attorney? You may be wondering: Can I change my divorce lawyer in the middle of the process? With limited exceptions, the answer is “yes.” Here, our Houston divorce attorney highlights the key things to know about changing lawyers in the middle of a divorce in Texas.

You Deserve a Houston Divorce Attorney Who You Can Rely On 

To begin, it is important to emphasize that every person going through a divorce in Houston deserves a lawyer who they can trust. Even if you are 100 percent confident that a divorce is the right decision, the process can still be very challenging. Your Houston, TX divorce attorney is your advocate. You deserve someone who is fully on your side.

 You Have a General Right to Change Lawyers During a Divorce in Texas 

For whatever reason, you could find yourself in a situation in which you have an attorney who is simply not the right fit for your specific case. It happens. In Texas, you have the general freedom to change your divorce attorney at any point. It is a legal right that is vital because it ensures that you are represented in the best possible way. If your relationship with your current lawyer is not working out, you can look for another Houston divorce attorney who better aligns with your needs.

 Court Approval May Be Required If the Divorce Paperwork was Already Filed 

Although you have a general right to switch lawyers, you may need to notify the court if you are in the middle of an active legal proceeding. If your divorce case is already in progress, and paperwork has been filed in court, you may need to get the court’s approval to change your attorney. Still, this step is typically fairly straightforward. Texas courts almost always let people switch attorneys.

 A Court Will Not Allow a “Bad Faith” Attempt to Stall the Process 

Why would a Texas court deny an attempt to change attorneys in the middle of a divorce or another type of family law case? While rare, it could happen if the attempt to make the change is deemed to be in bad faith. Put another way, if a person wants to switch lawyers simply to delay the divorce process or to create unnecessary complications for his or her spouse, the court may not approve it.

 Contact Our Houston, TX Divorce Lawyer Today

At Lindamood & Robinson, P.C., our Houston divorce attorney has the professional expertise that you can trust. If you have any questions about changing your attorney during the middle of a divorce, we are here to help you determine what comes next. Contact us today to set up your confidential case review. With an office in Houston, we serve communities throughout the region, including in Galveston, League City, Sugar Land, Humble, Spring, and Cypress.

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