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Joint Managing Conservatorship Child Custody in Texas: Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Parent


Texas technically does not use the term “child custody” in official legal proceedings. Instead, a parent who has custody rights for a child is called a  managing conservatorship. There is a general presumption that divorced or separated parents should be joint managing conservators unless it is proven that such an arrangement would not be in the best interests of the child. Within this article, our Houston child custody attorney provides a comprehensive overview of your rights and duties as a joint managing conservator in Texas.

You Have the Right to Receive Key Information About Your Child from Your Co-Parent 

In Texas, when you share joint custody, you have the right to receive important information about your child from your co-parent. Along with other things, this includes updates on their health, education, and any significant changes in their life. Your co-parent should inform you about school events, medical appointments, and any emergencies.

 You Have the Responsibility to Keep Your Co-Parent Informed Regarding Your Child 

Just as you have the right to receive information, you also have the responsibility to share it. Keep your co-parent updated about your child’s life. Inform them about doctor’s appointments, parent-teacher meetings, and any significant changes in your child’s behavior or routine. Communication is key to co-parenting successfully in Texas.

 You Have the Right to Access to the Child’s Medical and Educational Records 

As a joint managing conservator, you have the legal right to access your child’s medical and educational records. You can request information from your child’s school or healthcare provider directly. To be clear, it is important to stay informed about your child’s progress in school and their health status. Doing so helps you make better decisions for their welfare.

 You Have the Right to Be Engaged to School Activities and School Functions 

You have the right to be involved in your child’s education, including attending school activities and functions. Being present at parent-teacher conferences, school plays, sports events, and other activities is not only your right but also beneficial for your child. Joint managing conservators in Texas should not be denied an opportunity to participate in their child’s life.

 You Have a Responsibility to Act in the Best Interests of the Child 

Finally, your most significant responsibility is to act in the best interests of your child. It is your duty as a parent in Texas to make decisions that promote their health, safety, and emotional well-being. It involves working cooperatively with your co-parent, putting aside personal differences for the sake of your child. Remember, your child’s needs should always come first.

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