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Pet custody battles are a real thing

In the event of a divorce, property division can be hotly contested. Both parties want to get their fair share, so they will continue to fight until the end.

When you add children to the equation, a divorce is even more complex. This means that child custody questions concerns must be addressed.

And of course, the same holds true with pets. When a couple splits, they have to decide who gets custody of the pets. Sometimes, one partner is okay with giving up custody of the pet. Other times, however, both people want to keep the dog or cat.

The law makes it clear in saying that pets are considered property in the event of a divorce. Of course, this is not the way owners look at the situation. For some, a pet is more than a pet. A pet is a member of the family. And this is why pet custody battles can heat up in no time at all.

Pet custody is not treated the same as child custody. With a child, the court has the ability to grant shared custody and visitation. With a pet, this is not typically the case. Instead, the courts consider the pet property, meaning custody can only be given to one owner.

A divorce is never easy. This definitely holds true when pet custody is sure to become an issue at some point. If you have at least one pet and are set to go through divorce, make sure you know your rights with regard to the law and how the custody process works.

Source: NorthJersey.com, “All's fair in love and war and pet custody battles,” John Petrick, The Record, Sep. 01, 2015

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