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Pop star’s ex says they had common law marriage in Texas

Texas is one of only a few states that still have common law marriage on the books. That means a couple can be considered married even though they never actually tied the knot, so long as three requirements are met:

The couple must:

  • Agree to be married,
  • Live together in Texas as husband and wife, and
  • Tell people that they are married.

Other requirements include: both parties have to be at least 18 years old, and neither party can be legally married to someone else. 

Texas’ common law marriage policy has been in the news recently after a man from the state filed for divorce from rapper/pop star Iggy Azalea. The catch is that the two were never actually married, instead, the man alleges that a common-law marriage exists.

The a rap producer said he and Azalea decided to get married in 2008 after Azalea moved to the United States from Australia. If the common law marriage is upheld in court, the man could potentially gain millions from the divorce.

Azalea has denied the common-law marriage on various occasions. Back in October, a source told the press that the two did have a romantic relationship, but it only lasted about six months.

Additionally, a couple has a limited amount of time to ask the court to recognize their common law marriage under Texas law. A two-year deadline begins running as soon as the couple stops living together. If more than two years have passed, the court assumes that there was no common law marriage.

It’s also worth noting that if the common law marriage began in 2008, 24-year-old Azalea was only 17 at the time, which would not be a valid common law marriage.

Ultimately, it appears that the man will have a tough time trying to get any money from Azalea in the divorce proceeding, and it is surprising that the case has not yet been dismissed.

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