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Separation causes man to take strange stand

Anybody who lives in the Taylor Lake Shores subdivision is probably aware of the 69-year-old man who set up camp in his own front yard after being kicked out by his wife. After five months on the lawn, the man has finally been forced to move on.

According to the man, his name is on the deed of the house and he had no intention of moving on until his wife changed her mind about filing for divorce.

Despite the fact that the man’s wife wanted him to leave, neighbors did not necessarily feel the same way. Instead, many would stop by the yard to provide him with food. This was despite a sign posted in the yard saying:

“If you want to feed him, take him to your house. If you want to, you can keep him at your house. Thanks for your sympathy, but do not bring anything on this property.”

In this case, police were unable to do anything because the home belonged to the man as well as his wife. He said, “My emotions are with this house. I could live on the floor over there. But I’m on my own property.”

The standoff finally came to an end when a judge signed off on the divorce. Furthermore, the judge named the wife the sole owner of the property, meaning the man was no longer able to legally camp on the lawn.

Filing for divorce is not always simple. In this case, it took many months for the process to be finalized, leading to a strange standoff between a former husband and wife.

Source: KHOU-TV, “Bizarre standoff at million-dollar home ends after 5 months,” Kevin Reece, Oct. 08, 2015

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