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Things To Tell Your Houston Divorce Lawyer


In divorce or custody cases, individuals frequently have a difficult time determining exactly what and how much information to disclose to a lawyer. Indeed, in many situations, individuals have difficulty revealing any information at all or are uncertain whether information that could be unflattering should be told to a lawyer. In order to obtain the best possible outcome in divorce or custody cases, however, individuals must share information to a lawyer even if that information might place the individual in a negative light. While it might be uncomfortable to share some information, a lawyer can help construct a strong defense in case that information is disclosed during a case.

Personal Traits

Individuals involved in a divorce or custody case must make sure to tell legal counsel about any negative qualities that the individual might possess. For example, an individual might become angry when certain topics are discussed. Experienced family law lawyers will know how to help a client avoid conversations in which certain topics might be discussed and can also assist clients in handling a situation in which an individual’s personal weaknesses might come into play. An individual should also tell a lawyer whether the individual has ever been treated for mental illness or addiction because a former spouse might eventually try to use this information against the individual in a court of law.


During a marriage, many couples share mutual friends. It is only natural, however, that when a divorce occurs, some friends remain loyal to one spouse while other friends remain loyal to the other spouse. Individuals must make sure to disclose to any lawyer whether there are any friends who might have sided with the other spouse and could potentially disclose unfavorable information during a case.

Legal And Criminal History

An lawyer should know any available information about an individual’s legal or criminal history and the individual’s former spouse’s legal and criminal history. While legal counsel is essential to mount a strong defense concerning an individual’s own criminal history, a lawyer is also helpful in using a former’s spouse’s criminal history to weaken an opposing party’s case. One example of how individuals might defend a criminal charge is by raising a Fifth Amendment defense regarding the issue. It is also critical for a family law lawyer to know whether an individual had another lawyer for the case at hand and what might have happened between the individual and the other lawyer to end the relationship.

Other Children

Another essential issue of which individuals must inform legal counsel is whether Child Protective Services was ever called on the individual. Talented legal representation will know how to craft a strong defense regarding this matter and also how to demonstrate that the individual’s behavior has changed for the better. An individual must also inform a lawyer whether the individual has any other children even if those children do not live with the individual and the individual does not financially support these children.

How Legal Counsel Can Help

While individuals might feel hesitant disclosing some personal information to legal counsel, the best strategy is to inform a lawyer about these issue in an initial consultation to make sure that the lawyer has ample time to help craft a strong defense. Retaining the services of a talented Houston divorce lawyer at Lindamood & Robinson, P.C. can help ensure that any potentially difficult issues are successfully navigated during a divorce or custody issue.



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