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We are Getting Divorced and I Think My Spouse is Hiding Money—What are My Options?


Property division is one of the most important—and often contentious—issues in a divorce case. Divorcing spouses must navigate the Texas community property laws to determine who gets what. To do so effectively, you and your spouse need to know what you actually own. This raises an important question: What do I do if I think my spouse is hiding money during our divorce? The short answer is you need to work proactively with an attorney to uncover hidden assets. Here, our Houston divorce lawyers provide a more comprehensive overview of your options if you believe that your spouse is improperly concealing money in Texas.

Know the Law: Divorcing Spouses Have a Duty to Make Comprehensive Financial Disclosures

Under Texas law (Texas Rule of Civil Procedure 194.2), all spouses going through a divorce are legally obligated to provide comprehensive financial disclosures to each other. The requirement is designed to ensure transparency and fairness in the division of assets and liabilities. As part of the state’s family law requirements, parties to a divorce must reveal all income sources, all property, all investments, and all debts. Accurate, complete financial information is crucial.

You Should Take Proactive Measures If Think Your Spouse is Hiding Money 

Do you think that your spouse is hiding money? Here are four steps to take in Houston:

  1. Step #1: Organize Your Thoughts, Write Down What You Know—Start by gathering your thoughts. You should note down any instances or evidence that make you think your spouse is hiding assets—from unusual bank activity to changes in spending to secretive behavior. In many cases, people have a strong suspicion that their spouse is hiding money, but they cannot initially prove it.
  2. Step #2: Raise the Matter With Your Divorce Attorney—Once you have your suspicions and evidence noted down, you should talk to your Houston, TX divorce attorney. Your lawyer can guide you on the next steps and help protect your financial interests. A proactive plan of action is a must.
  3. Step #3: Employ a Forensic Analysis—Your attorney might suggest hiring a forensic accountant. These are professionals skilled in uncovering hidden assets and financial manipulations. A skilled professional can analyze tax returns, bank statements, and other financial records to find any discrepancies or other signs of hidden money.
  4. Step #4: Use All Available Legal Tools—Finally, your Houston divorce attorney can use various legal methods to uncover hidden assets. Examples of these legal tools include subpoenas for financial records, depositions (interviewing your spouse under oath), and, if necessary, court orders to turn over certain key documents.

 Speak to Our Houston, TX Divorce Lawyer Today

At Lindamood & Robinson, P.C., our Houston divorce attorneys are skilled, experienced, and solutions-first advocates for clients. If you have any questions about your options if your spouse is improperly concealing assets, we are here to help. Give us a phone call now or contact us today for a completely private, no obligation case review. We handle divorce cases throughout Southeast Texas.



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