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We Settled Our Divorce, But My Ex-Spouse Asking Me to Turn Over More Property/Assets—What Can I Do?


Did you reach a divorce settlement in Texas? It can come as a tremendous sense of relief. However, unfortunately, it is not always the end of the process for all people. If you resolved your divorce but your spouse is still trying to get you to turn over additional property/assets, it is important to understand that you are fully within your rights to tell them the issue is already resolved. Here, our Houston divorce attorney explains the key things to know if your former spouse is trying to get you to give up more property/assets after you already settled your divorce.

A Finalized Divorce Settlement or Divorce Decree is Legally Binding 

When you finalize a divorce settlement or receive a divorce decree, it becomes legally binding. Put another way, both parties (spouses) must adhere to the terms set out in the document. If your ex-spouse is requesting additional property or assets after the court has made its decision, they are essentially asking you to modify an agreement. You are by no means required to hand over any property or assets that were awarded to you in a divorce.

 Key Takeaway: Your former spouse has no right to try to get additional property and assets from you after a divorce has already been finalized. You can assert your rights.

First Option: Have the Conversation, Assert Your Rights 

Before escalating the matter to a higher level, you should consider having a direct conversation with your ex. As long as you feel safe and secure in doing so, it is a best practice to communicate clearly that the divorce decree is final and that it is legally binding. You can explain that you intend to comply with the original terms—which, of course—do not include surrendering additional property or assets. Being assertive about your rights while remaining open to dialogue can prevent further disputes. It may also help to maintain a civil relationship, which can be especially beneficial if you share children.

 Second Option: Take Legal Action to Protect Your Property Rights 

If discussions do not resolve the issue, taking legal action may be necessary to protect your property rights. Your ex has absolutely no right to take your property. No matter the situation that you are dealing with, an experienced Houston divorce lawyer can help you determine the best course of action. An attorney can also help you file a motion in court to address and halt any attempts by your ex-spouse to unjustly claim more property. In some cases, your former spouse may be in contempt of court. The Department of Justice (DOJ) defines contempt of court as “an act of disobedience or disrespect towards the judicial branch of the government.

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