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What are the advantages of joint physical custody?

When you go through divorce, one of the first things you will think about is this: Who will get custody of the children?

There are many ways this process can shake out, so you need to be ready for everything. Many people fight for joint physical custody, as they realize there are many benefits of this arrangement.

The number one benefit of joint physical custody is that spending time in both households allows a child to keep a strong relationship with each parent. Not only does this work out for the child, but it may also be something that both parents can agree to.

Another benefit of joint physical custody is a quicker return to normalcy. If both parents agree to this, they will spend less time fighting over custody in court. As a result, everybody can move on without delay.

Most importantly, joint physical custody makes it possible for a child to have normal time with both parents. All three people may never spend time together, but at least the child is able to keep a solid relationship with each parent.

With many advantages associated with joint physical custody, it is something to consider if you are going through divorce and worried about what will happen next. If you are okay with this idea, it is something to discuss with your former partner. It may be in the best interest of both parents, as well as all children. As long as the court agrees and any children are happy, nothing else matters. This will allow for the best possible situation moving forward.

Source: Divorce Source, “Joint Physical Custody: The Advantages,” accessed Dec. 21, 2015

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