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What is the Filing Fee for a Divorce in Texas?


Divorce happens. Thousands of couples file for divorce each year in Texas. If you are preparing to file a divorce, you may be wondering: What is the filing for a divorce in Texas? The answer depends on some case-specific factors—most notably, the county that you are filing in. In most Texas counties, the legal filing fee for a divorce is between $200 and $400. Within this article, our Houston divorce lawyer highlights the key things to know about filing fees for divorce in Texas.

Divorces are Handled at the County Level in Texas 

When you get divorced in Texas, the case is handled at the county level. The local court is responsible for overseeing the process. Each county’s court system is responsible for handling divorce cases according to state laws and local regulations. A person who is seeking a divorce must file their legal documents with the district clerk in the county where they (or their spouse) resides. It does not matter where you got married. Even if you got married in another county—or another state—you can still file if you meet the local residency requirement. As long as you or your spouse is a resident of a particular county, you can file for divorce in that court. In Texas, the state residency requirement is 180 days and the county residency requirement is 90 days.

 Typical Divorce Filing Fee in Texas: $200 to $400

The filing fee for divorce varies by county in Texas. In general, larger counties have slightly higher filing fees. Though, there are some exceptions. The typical filing fee for a divorce ranges from $200 to $400, depending on the county. These fees are paid to the district clerk’s office when the initial divorce paperwork is submitted Here are some example of divorce filing fees in Southeast Texas:

  • Harris County: $350 (higher with kids)
  • Brazoria County: $350 (higher with kids)
  • Galveston County: $300 (higher with kids)
  • Fort Bend County: $300 (higher with kids)

 An Uncontested Divorce Settlement is the Best Way to Limit Costs 

Many people are worried about the cost of a divorce. It is an entirely reasonable concern. The filing fee for divorce is the basic cost. Divorce litigation can be quite expensive. The single best way to limit your costs is to avoid litigation. In other words, an uncontested divorce settlement is often the most cost-effective way to dissolve a marriage. By agreeing on all terms—including asset division, alimony, and child custody—divorcing couples can avoid the high costs of litigation. Another key advantage of uncontested divorce is that it promoted a collaborative, amicable resolution.

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