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When children are used as pawns in custody cases

There is a right way and a wrong way for parents to fight for their children in custody matters, and, unfortunately, many parents choose the wrong way.

It is all too common for parents in Texas to try to turn their children against the other parent in effort to “win” custody. There is an official term for this kind of behavior and it is called Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS).

PAS occurs when one parent demeans the other parent in front of the child, changing the child’s perception of the other parent and damaging the relationship.

In some cases, the parent causing the PAS is acting intentionally, while in other cases the parent doesn’t realize the harm he or she is causing. Either way, the behavior can cause damage to the child as well as the relationship the child has with both parents.

If you suspect that your child is suffering from PAS because of your ex, it is very important to work with an experienced family law lawyer who can ask the court to put a stop to it.

It’s not always easy to prove when PAS is occurring, but it is possible to use facts and testimony from mental health experts to tell your story and ask the court to intervene on your child’s behalf.

In some cases, the court may agree to modify your custody arrangement so that the child is less-exposed to the other parent’s destructive antics.

While most parents love their children deeply, it is far too common for children to be used as pawns after relationships head south. If you believe that your child is being used as a pawn — or even overhears things that he or she shouldn’t — your relationship with your child may be in jeopardy.

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