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Why high-asset divorce is different

Divorce typically isn’t an easy process no matter who you are. That’s because you not only have to deal with the legal and financial consequences of divorce, you also have to deal with the emotional effects divorce had on yourself and your family.

But in high-asset divorce cases the stakes are, well, even higher.

Before you can move forward with building a new life you have to protect the life you already established for yourself, including assets, property and income. High-asset divorce cases are different because there is a lot on the line. 

Because Texas follows community property laws, both spouses are entitled to an equal share of the marital property. For that reason, determining which property is marital and which property is separate in nature becomes an extremely important issue. As does placing an accurate value on property and assets.

Alimony is also an issue that causes anxiety during a high-asset divorce, as many clients are fearful that they will be ordered to pay an unreasonable amount of alimony for a long period of time. However, in Texas, alimony is only applied under certain circumstances and is becoming rarer.

Another reason high-asset divorce cases are different is because they often involve high-profile individuals who do not want details of their personal lives exposed to the public. Even though divorce is generally a process that is open to the public, there are ways to handle the settlement extremely discretely.

Our firm takes a different approach to high-asset divorce cases because we understand. We understand that a lot is at stake and discretion is important. To find out more about how our firm handles high-asset divorce cases or to schedule a confidential conversation with one of our skilled lawyers, please visit our website. 

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