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Houston Divorce Lawyers Discuss Common Mistakes During A Divorce

In 2014, the United States Census Bureau reports that there were 813,862 divorces in the country. One smart thing for individuals going through a divorce is to learn from the mistake made during these divorces. While statistics reveal that the summer months are actually one of the lowest periods for divorce during the year, divorce still can and does happen during the summer months. For couples who are currently in the midst of a divorce, it is wise to understand the most common mistakes made by couples during a divorce so that these mistakes can be avoided during the divorce. The following are the most common mistakes encountered by our Houston divorce lawyers:

  • Ensuring That Everything Is Accounted For. Individuals must make sure that every element of the divorce is considered and all obligations fulfilled. From the very beginning, individuals should understand that filing for divorce requires more than just handing over papers to the soon to be ex spouse. Ex spouses might take too long to fill out the paper and create additional complications. Providing a former spouse with divorce papers is likely to also initiate a series of difficult decisions. There are other documents that should also be in place during a divorce. Written separation agreements are necessary to ensure financial stability and the custody of children. Individuals should also avoid thinking that a court or formal paperwork requires anything less than accurate and complete financial information. So merely guessing at financial information will not be sufficient.
  • Letting Emotions Control Things. It is normal that individuals going through a divorce experience a wide range of emotions. Letting emotions control an individual’s actions will only serve to create additional obstacles during a divorce proceeding. Emotions might lead individuals to use children as leverage, which will most likely be discovered by the judge or defending lawyer and be used damagingly. Not only is this attempt unlikely to work, but parents also risk hurting children. Instead of letting emotions run wild, individuals should remain calm, collected and grounded.
  • Putting Things Off. Individuals must not delay. The date that an individual files for divorce is important because this date creates a cut-off for claims against marital assets. Individuals should also avoid delaying locating and meeting with a lawyer. The best way to begin a divorce is with the assistance of skilled legal representation who will know exactly when to file documents and how to proceed.
  • Relying On Mere Verbal Agreements. Couples should never assume that anything that is agreed upon only verbally will hold up in court because such agreements will not. Make sure that all agreements are in writing and make it a habit to document every interaction, conversation, and correspondence because doing so will ensure that you have additional evidence.
  • Select the Best Lawyer. Selecting the best lawyer is essential in reaching the best divorce outcome possible. Select a lawyer with substantial experience who specializes in divorce. Even if a client cannot afford a lawyer, clients can still ask the court to order the former spouse to pay legal fees. Divorce can be a complicated process, particularly when children are involved, and individuals should make sure that lawyers are hired if the divorce is at all difficult to ensure that correct steps are made throughout the journey.

If you are in the process of planning a divorce soon, ensure the best possible outcome and hire one of the top notch divorce lawyers at Lindamood & Robinson, P.C. Our Houston divorce attorneys can assist you throughout each step of your case.

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