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Non-custodial parents should understand this about child support

As a non-custodial parent, there are things you should know about child support. The more information and knowledge you have, the easier it becomes to understand your situation and what you can do to improve your relationship with your child.

Here are some of the more important things to realize:

— If you receive a court summons, you should take this seriously. Neglecting to do so will make you look bad. Not to mention the fact that it allows the court to make a decision without you being present.

— Once you sign a legal document, it can be difficult to get it changed. Make sure you know what you are signing.

— To make sure you don’t get stuck paying too much child support, provide as much information as possible regarding your financial situation.

— If you are unable to pay the full amount of child support in a given month, don’t skip it altogether. Instead, pay as much money as you can and then let the child support office know what you are doing. They may be able to help you adjust your payment if you are facing a hardship, such as a job loss or medical condition.

It doesn’t matter if you are receiving child support or making payments, it is essential to understand the finer details of your situation. Non-custodial parents should know their rights, including how much they have to pay in child support. The more information you have the easier it becomes to make decisions that will work in the favor of you and your child (or children).

Source: The Lawyer General of Texas, “Handbook for Non-Custodial Parents,” accessed Aug. 20, 2015

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