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Monthly Archives: July 2021


Do Step Parents Have Any Rights In A Divorce In Texas?

By Lindamood & Robinson, P.C. |

A step parent can play a very important role in the development of a child. If you are a step parent preparing to separate for your spouse, you may want to know: Do I have a right to seek custody or visitation for a stepchild in Texas? The short answer is that step parents… Read More »

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Is A Business Community Property Or Separate Property In Texas?

By Lindamood & Robinson, P.C. |

Ending a marriage is not an easy thing to do. Untangling legal, financial, and personal affairs can be complicated. For business owners, a divorce can be even more difficult. You have to worry about protecting your company. This raises an important question: Does my business count as community property when getting divorced in Texas?… Read More »

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How A Divorce Lawyer Can Help You Uncover Concealed Assets In Texas

By Lindamood & Robinson, P.C. |

Texas is a community property state. Under Texas Family Code § 3.002, a couple’s marital property is split 50-50 in a divorce. In going through the divorce process in Texas, parties have an obligation to make certain financial disclosures. After all, you cannot get your fair share of the community property if your spouse… Read More »

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What Are The Consequences Of Delinquent Child Support In Texas?

By Lindamood & Robinson, P.C. |

Parents have a legal duty to support their children. Yet a significant percentage of child support goes unpaid. According to a report from CBS News, approximately 25 percent of parents who owe child support pay some, but not the full amount. Another 30 percent do not pay anything at all. In Texas, a parent… Read More »

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